About the company

Dach-Bud Krzysztof Cholewa was established in March 1997.


At the beginning, the company’s core business was building roof coverings, mainly for houses.

As the company developed, we expanded our range to include various types of building work.

We work for investors carrying out large construction projects as well as individuals, fulfilling their dreams of an ideal home. We have recently started building homes on our own plots, thereby exceeding the expectations of our customers.

We help in selecting the house design and arrange all formalities connected with the construction of the house to save customers’ time.

Throughout the whole time we have been operating, we have striven to implement new technologies and raise our qualifications.

The services that we provide as well as the projects that we have completed have met the highest expectations of our customers.


"Dach-Bud" Krzysztof Cholewa

Ul. Bohaterów Westerplatte 11
60-103 Poznań
tel.:  (0-61) 83-99-117
mob.:   0-601-785-586